Tom Juravich: singer/songwriter/activist

Janet Killarney

“It starts around four a.m., so you’ve been there a good nine hours and all you think about is your bed… It’s exhausting and it’s worse because you’d go home, you’d sleep, maybe at noon you’d wake up. You’d have a headache because you haven’t had caffeine. So, now you wake up, you have a headache, you’re disoriented, you don’t know what you need to eat.”

Janet Killarney

After Eight

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Tom Juravich

Friday night, it’s getting late, I’ve already done my eight
Been on my feet since half-past three
Outside the clinic, the evening went, time, money, passion spent
Me, I’m so tired, I can hardly see
I’m dreaming of my cool crisp sheets, stretched out from my head to feet
Just got two hours left, I could stand a little rest

It’s 2am, I’m finally home, it’s quiet and I’m so alone
I can finally get some sleep
I read the paper, sort the bills, I forgot to eat, I’m hungry still
Make myself a bite to eat
I flip the channels on TV, I’m still awake, it’s a quarter to three
Ah, this night is such a mess, I could stand a little rest

I wake up it’s one o’clock, did my old alarm clock stop?
I’ve gotta be back at work at three
I told Mom we’d go to the mall, I guess I’d better make that call
What the hell is wrong with me?
I need my coffee, I need my fix, I’m hungry but I’m feeling sick
A shower might be best, I could stand a little rest

Back at work, it’s three pm, out here on the floor again
Did I ever really leave this place?
The patients they’re an endless stream, did I wake up in some bad dream?
I’m not sure I can stand the pace
I’m dreaming of my cool, crisp sheets, Stretched out from my head to feet
Just got two hours left, I could stand a little rest

©2007, BMI