Tom Juravich: singer/songwriter/activist


Tom Juravich

[mp3 sample]

Stop my old truck at the crossroad, guess I need a little time
How can the break it to my family? Company says they’re shutting down the mine
But what the bosses aren’t a-telling, even though they’re closing this one down
They’re starting up a non-union scab mine, over on the far side of town.

Union’s standing at the crossroad, will we fight back now, or will we fade away?
Tell me, what will we leave for the children, if we let ’em steal our union jobs away?

So here I’m caught in some kind of shell game, of companies inside of companies
All I know is after twenty hard years, they’ve got no place for miners like me
Union’s standing at the crossroad…

Its been no easy road for the miner, had to fight ’em all along the way
So like we did down at Harlan, Matewan, Pittston, we’re not backing down today
Raise the bones of Bill Blizzard, Mother Jones and old John L.
We’ve been at the crossroad so many times, once again we’ll fight ’em like hell
Union’s standing at the crossroad…

©2007, BMI