Tom Juravich: singer/songwriter/activist

The Problem

Tom Juravich

[mp3 sample]

I teach at the middle school, I find it hard to catch my breath
The kid’s are scattered, the parents frantic, they’re all worried about the tests
But is its my fault that the scores aren’t higher, the kids are so misbehaved?
They took my aide, my class keeps growing, and the Board wants to cut back my pay

When did I become the problem? How did the fault become all mine?
The school board says they’re tightening their belt,
but the only one they’re tightening is mine.

I work for the state helping kids with disabilities
I love the kids, hate the rules – more bosses than you would believe
We had layoffs again this morning, I’ve got more children now than I can see
The parents are angry, how can I blame them, but they end up blaming me When did I become the problem…
The governor says that they’re tightening their belt…

I took this national park job, ‘cause I love working outside
Away from the city, the noise and crowds, the freeway ride
But they slashed our funding, cut all our hours, by Washington decree
So here I stand with a long line of cars, with everyone yelling at me
When did I become the problem…
The president says that they’re tightening their belt…

When did…
They all say they’re tightening their belt…

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