Tom Juravich: singer/songwriter/activist

We Are Union

Kelly Edington (additional words by Tom Juravich)

[mp3 sample]

We all came here as strangers, but we’re leaving as friends
The ties that now bind us, every woman every man
We’re sisters and we’re brothers, by our conscience we are led
Standing tall connected, by a common thread

We are union, and we share this common thread
We are union, in our hearts and in our heads
We are union, and we face the fight ahead
We are union, and we share this common thread

Fathers with their daughters, mothers with their sons
Teach the younger generation about the battles lost and won
When our time is over and the future’s in their hands
Will they tell their children that we took a stand?
We are union…

So don’t you be forgetting all that we’ve done here
The friendships we have made, midst the laughter and the tears
If you ever need me, write me, call me on the phone
Whatever you’re fighting, you are not alone
We are union…